Reasons why my birthday sucked (but was wonderful)

N β€’ Beautiful Nikolai born 12/29/17 πŸ‘ΆπŸ’™ Single Mama πŸ’ͺ

-My sister gifted me the cutest tea steeper

-My dad said happy birthday over Facebook

-My toddler serenaded me with 'mom mom mom mom mom' all day and I LOVED it

-My uncle said happy birthday over Facebook

-My mom was very bubbly and pleasant today

-My grandpa did not say happy birthday

-My little sister drew me a very cute picture

-I never received a phone call wishing me happy birthday from my dad or uncle like I usually do, wishing me a happy birthday

-My son started saying the word "Kisses" 😍

-I had a lingering disappointment all day that I tried to get rid of but damped the excitement of things.

-I had ice cream after breakfast and dinner.

-It was stormy out.

-I made my favorite pasta dish for dinner.

-I started my period. EARLY. ON MY BIRTHDAY. AGH.

-My childhood friend called to wish me happy birthday πŸ’•

So yeah. I'm feeling mixed and I am trying to make myself grateful for everything I've been given. Because I do have a good life even if we don't have a lot of money. I do wish that my uncle and dad would have held up their traditions of at least calling me, but I don't want that to ruin my day even if it made me feel unimportant. I sound like the biggest brat but I really needed to write this out so I can go to bed and move on.