I go in for blood work in the morning, but we have some very positive pregnacy tests. We have been together almost 8 years and are getting married in Novemeber. I am very anxious because of the positive test and concerned with the wedding and if we are ready to be parents. He gulped when he seen the tests and told me we can do whatever I want. :( I dont know what to do and I am just scared. Our wedding is in November I would be 6months pregnant at this time. Also we have over 200 guests and I bought my wedding dress back in January (non returnable) it was a wedding gift from my dad. The venue is also non refundable. Am I just being overly dramatic, has this happened to anyone else? Any advise?

Update: so I spoke with my parents and they cried with happiness and said there would be no issue and that they will make sure I have a dress that fits. Also they told me to leave the date alone and be happy for 2 things because they sure are. Thank you for the support it was much needed. Fingers crossed for Monday when lab work comes in!