I have finally become the bitch my boyfriends family has always wanted me to be. For the 2 years my boyfriend and I have been together his sister has tried to find every rhyme and reason to toss my name around and try to get him to leave me. Mind you she’s a grown adult and I’m still a teenager (17). One of the first things (some little things leading up to this) that happened, was it was all my fault my boyfriend chose to do his Christmas 2017 with me (he is over 18, has that choice). I was being accused of controlling him into making this decision and my boyfriend was a horrible person for trying to split time up, but wanting Christmas <a href="https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.glow.android.eve">Eve</a> with my family. I was breaking apart his family. After that is when things got bad. His mom has gone out of her way to talk to people about me, and his sister shows up to his house, trying to accuse me of accusing someone else of raping me 3 years prior. First of all, this isn’t something you just talk about so carelessly and with me being a child concerns should’ve been taken to my mother rather than just believing what you hear and running with it. My mom raised hell & my bf was again yelled at for telling me what was being said and was told to delete his messages with his sister so I wouldn’t see them.

Next, they went and decided since I was a minor I was gonna have to sign a contract saying I give consent to my boyfriend and told my boyfriend I was no longer allowed at their house (where my boyfriend was living). I didn’t sign any contract and I’ve been allowed back at their place when they realized trying to control my boyfriend wasn’t going to work.

This is getting long so I’m chopping it up now. Since then, every one of my boyfriends decisions has been blamed on me, by his sister. She has called me names to him, said I’m a “ball & chain”, he needs to leave me, you name it shes said it. It’s to the point he doesn’t do anything with her anymore because he is tired of her disrespect toward me and she gets pissy with him about it.

She refuses to talk to me. Won’t talk to me in person, glares, has nothing to do with me and never has.

In March I found out I’m pregnant and at the very end of April we told everyone. I knew this was gonna be a wreck with his sister from the start but I wasn’t taking the shit, and really never have. I stand my ground. My baby is more important. Her reaction was ridiculous, but was a little expected considering I’m only 17. I knew she was gonna want to be involved (without having anything to do with me, still) and I wasn’t having that. I’m not letting someone who won’t talk to me, ask how I’m doing pregnancy wise, or the baby, etc try and plan my gender reveal and baby shower.

You do not get to disrespect me and then try and plan stuff around me or MY baby. I’m not gonna let someone disrespect me and be involved in my child’s life. Family or not. I have no relationship with her whatsoever and it’s not fair to me to let her be in everything, plus the disrespect. I sent her a very long text explaining why I felt this way and how I’ve never received an apology and said I would like to hear back from her and never did. At this point I did my part. I let her know it was all I had left to say and knew everything I needed to if I never heard back.

Anyway, maybe I’m being a bitch but I don’t think you get to disrespect someone and then be involved in their child’s life. So I’ve made that very clear. I needed this rant off my chest so here you guys go.