Giving birth all alone???

Have any of you ladies been alone during your delivery? My husband went 8 hours away to start a new job today. He will get on the first flight back to NYC the weekend I have the baby. I’m supposed to have a scheduled c-section and he most likely won’t be able to make it because he just started. He’s going to ask his managers for the day off for the surgery but we can’t rely on that. I’m going to try and ask my doctors to please schedule me for a Friday so he could come that evening and stay the weekend. He can’t just come anyway if they say no because we really need this job. He’s the only one employed currently and it’s an amazing opportunity for our family. He most likely won’t be with me during the c-section but would come a few hours after he gets off work. I’m SO scared doing this alone. I had a panic attack during my emergency c-section with our 23 month old. Idk if my mom would be able to handle being in a c-section with me she’s way too emotional. He is the only person I want there with me 😞 so I’m out of options and would probably be alone. I don’t have anyone else I’d feel comfortable in there with me except him. I’m just afraid to face it on my own. Help idk how to mentally prepare myself for this.