I took a test...

I posted earlier that I was having symptoms of pregnancy, but hadn’t taken a test yet, and now I have.

The test was positive and I am honestly so scared. I am restarting my nursing program in the fall, and have a prestigious scholarship. I know this is going to be a difficult path to walk. My parents are my toughest critics. They want me to be better than they were (my mom got pregnant at 17 and had me at 18. My dad was 20 when I was born). They’re still together and have four other daughters (I’m the oldest). I will be 21 in August. I have been with my fiancé for just about 5 years. The only emotion he has is excitement. I, however, am petrified. I know my parents will be so angry, but at this point there isn’t anything they can do...any advice? Have any of you gone through nursing school while pregnant? If you were young when you got pregnant, how did your parents react? I just need someone to talk to.

Thank you ❤️