No insurance, any advice is appreciated


I’ve recently started to work 3 jobs to pay for bills, so yes I am aware that I am not feeling/looking the best but that’s how it is.

Anyway, I’m not sure what’s wrong and I don’t have the money to go to the doctor. I’m a bit concerned because I have some mouth sores and my gums are being weird. If you look in between my bottom teeth it looks a bit pale around my teeth as well and the gums in between don’t look healthy. I noticed it a couple days ago when I felt something in between my teeth with my tongue. I thought it was food that got stuck in it so I checked in the mirror andI found that my gums don’t really attach well to my teeth. It’s like it can be picked off and starting to unstick.

Dentists are super expensive so I can’t just go get it checked, but if anyone has had the same experience please lmk

Edit: i have no idea why the picture is like that? zoom if you can’t see