Could I be pregnant?


Hey guys. Thanks for reading. I need your help.

I had sex the whole month of May

My last period was May 29th it lasted 6 days and my periods since January have been at the end of the months into the beginning of the next.

I was supposed to get my period June 1st as my Flo app I use says. So I’m about 7 days late.

I took a test yesterday and it was negative. I took one today and it was negative. Yesterday I had super mild cramps for a couple hours then went away and came back again super mild. This happened for 2 days now.

And just tonight maybe around 5 I noticed just a I would say teaspoon amount of blood. Either a light brown or light red/pink? Color. No clots and sometimes nothing only when I wipe. And now no more blood or cramps.

What’s going on?

can I be pregnant ?