I really REALLY would feel absolutely blessed to be pregnant! I can’t express in words how much I hope, how much I wish I could have a beautiful baby, I don’t care honestly what the sex is, I just want a baby. I’m praying and praying and praying to God, to the universe, to the heavens to pour some baby dust all over me. I took out my birth control in the arm last month in the 6th and everyone around me says it’s too soon.. but I wish I could prove them wrong. I want to be good enough to be a mother, I know I deserve this. I can’t stop thinking about it. So here’s last months and this months calendar, it says I’m about a week late for my period but I’m so nervous to take it because I’m scared of getting a big fat negative because it’ll crush me and break my heart and destroy my excitement and I know I have the rest of my life to keep trying and I know I haven’t been trying forever either but it really fucks with my head. What do I do? So I wait another week? Do I test now? HELP ME