Friends (part 20)

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I turn around and face him. I look up in his eyes and slowly move my hand to the top of the gun. I gently push down, still looking in his eyes.

He looks down at my face and his face slowly softens. He moves his hands down towards my hips, his right pointer finger still on the trigger.

I knew you liked me. He chuckles. I smile and force out a giggle. What’s not to like?

He smirks and kisses me. I’ve never been so uncomfortable in my life. He grabbed me in all the wrong spots squeezing me aggressively and forced his tongue in my mouth. My heart pounds faster and faster I’m so overwhelmed with emotions.

I tried my best to kiss him back and pray and hope I can find a way to capture him so this can be over.

Josh starts to pull away. A thought of relief fills my mind. Then I think crap how else am I going to distract him!

No come back. I breath softly. I pull him back to my face and slam him against he wall, grinding on his waist.

He moans and smiles on my lips. He drops the gun to the floor and ruffly grabs and squeezes my breasts through my shirt, kissing me faster and faster.

I wince in pain. He moans and squeezes harder speeding up our kisses.

Want to take this to the bed? Josh breaths on my lips.

Of course. I mange to get out. I notice a few pairs of hand cuffs on the dresser.

Thank god I think to myself.

Mind if I use these? I say pushing him down on the bed. Mmhm sure he growls/grins. Heh dummy, I think.

I smile and grab the hand cuffs. I turn to him and kiss him harder this time, pretending it’s Mason seems to help. I climb on top of him, letting fake moans escape my mouth.

I try to be as sexy and slow as I can so it doesn’t rise his suspension.

I slowly kiss up his right arm and cuff it to the head board. I do the same with his other limbs.

I can’t help but start to laugh when he is fully secured.

What? He laughs awkwardly with me.

Oh nothing. I grin. I kiss him again slowly rubbing him though his pants.

He moans at my touch. Princess uncuff me, I want to hold you. He begs. I let out a giggle. Never. I smile. I get up and walk over to the window.

Princess what are you doing? He yells. Get back here.

I ignore him and open the window. I wave to all the officers below. I see all them rush in the front door.

I turn back to him. Don’t call me that. I cross my arms.

He sighs. What’s going on?

I laugh. You fell for my plan.

What! He yells. What plan! He clenches his teeth.

I walk towards him. I lay down on top of him and pretend to kiss his cheek. I stop and look straight in his eyes.

Don’t EVER hurt Mason or my family again or there will be consequences for you and your little club.

He tries to grab me. I’m going to kill you Hannah!

I laugh. Aww but you can’t because, oh look your hands are bound. I tease shaking the chains.

You were there?! He yells.

Yep. I smile. I freed him once you left. I also saw you punch and kick my boyfriend... I pause. That’s the first time I’ve called Mason my boyfriend. I smile and blush. So you definitely deserve every little bit of what’s coming to you.

I get up off him and walk towards the door.

HANNAH! He yells. I smile.

The door flies open and police officers run in. Mason and my parents run in after.

Mason looks at me and embraces me in his arms. Oh my god thank god he didn’t hurt you.

I laugh and hug him back. I kiss his neck and cheek.

He notices Josh and dies laughing. Oh my god your a genius Hannah! He laughs more and he walks over to the bed, pointing and making fun of Josh.

My dads mouth is wide open when he sees Josh in the bed. He looks at me.

God Hannah I don’t even want to know. He rolls his eyes and shakes his head. I laugh and hug them both.

To be continued! Hope you enjoyed. Let me now your thoughts!😁 I’m finishing up this series so we only have like 2 more chapters.