Is what it is

So I had an abortion may 9.. didn’t really want one.. the father pressured and harassed me into getting one till I caved in.. I moved out of SC.. Now I live in MD.. did it with a guy on Tuesday and at first he used a condom twice and the third round took it off but I didn’t know until towards the end.. He ended up coming inside me.. but I didn’t make a big deal cause I was just gonna get a plan b.. I was gonna get it sooner than later but work and baby sitting got in the way of me getting it sooner than later.. Ended up taking “the take action” pill on the third..but honestly taking it on the third day is how I got pregnant the first time.. Honestly wish I was able to take it early but it is what it is when life gets in the way.. if I get pregnant again I can’t go through another abortion.. So I’m keeping it if I am this time but I honestly don’t want to tell the father cause of the traumatic harassment I felt with the previous guy. I know he could be different but I don’t really care to find out cause I’ve already made up my mind..