Born on her daddy’s birthday!!

Courtney • 💚November 1st💙 Eathn Lee Ray ❤️June 22💜 Kamryn Diane

Of course I went into labor on my SO birthday!!!

Born at 37 weeks 6 days

8lbs 2oz

21 inches

Pushed for 14 minutes

She was born at 1:14pm

9 hours of labor

No tears or stitches!

Might even get to go home today!

Woke up at 4am with terrible contractions got to the hospital and sure enough was in labor! Went from 3cm dialated to 6cm within a half hour. Quickly got admitted and was given epidural(which did slow my labor down sadly but I do not regret it one bit!) they broke my water soon after getting my epidural and I quickly jumped to 8.5cm but then didn’t have any change within 2 hours so they did start me on pitocin. When they broke my water there was meconium which means she had pooped in me. But thankfully she had no problems or complications with it. Only needed half the bag of pitocin. Next time she checked me we started pushing. The room was filled with nurses, nicu, respiratory and my doctor and support team. I had such an amazing medical team! Baby girl came out perfect, beautiful and no complications! We are so blessed!

Her 19 month old brother is not impressed with her at all😂😂l