(For those who have half siblings) What's your relationship like with your half siblings other parent?


I was just thinking about how petty my older brothers mum is. She never made the effort to talk to my mum, she was jealous of her and still had feelings for my dad. My parents broke up long ago, my mum has always welcomed my half brother into our home and never had any issues with him.

My brother moved out the city and used to use his mums house as a meeting point. She was always nice to us, however I felt like she didn't want us there. I kept telling my brother to come to our house instead but he insisted on going to his mums. Anyways a couple years later my half brother calls me and asks why I ignored his mum, she had seen us somewhere and instead of trying to get our attention (she was in a car) she decided to run to my brother and make up a story. I would never ignore her, I mean the woman let us into her home and cooked for us. Every since then she'll see my little brother, make it obvious she's seen him and then turn away. I'm going to see her for the first time in 10 years and I'm already dreading it.

My half sisters mum is another story though. I'd happily never see her again in my life, she is bitter and thinks my dad still holds a flame for my mum (to be honest he does lmao). She did everything in her power to try to get rid of us.

Anyway what about you?