***wipes sweat from forehead😅😬

Got my VVVFL Monday the 3rd, darker but still light on the 4th, waited till the 7th-yesterday to do a progression check just because I’m nervous of a sticky bean due to 2mc late 2018 && it was a BFN!! My heart dropped and told myself well we’ll go in for first appointment to get blood work n what not anyways, that if it is not a sticky then no need in freaking out as nothing can be done. What do ya know, I never listen, not even to myself, I go out a get a few from the dollar store, as we’re the test previously used, then decided to go ahead and get some first responses from Walmart too. First one from dollar store at the exact three minute mark I look and there’s my line!!! BFP!! A weight has been lifted. I hate faulty tests. Much darker by the way🤫💕