I’m so upset!! 😩 🚨Trigger Warning🚨


My husband and I have been trying to conceive again since we lost our triplets a while back. I’ve made an appointment with my OB and she suggested to keep trying, but I feel like we’ve gotten nowhere since November of last year! 😩 We list our triplets on Thanksgiving due to a car accident I was in.

Both my SO and I are at healthy weights. We exercise at least 150minutes a week, and they aren’t strenuous workouts. We both take folic acid, I take also take a prenatal every day, and hubby takes an extra boost of Vitamin C. Neither of us drink or smoke. We decided to quit when I found out about our triplets on the way. I stopped drinking coffee almost a year ago as well and went strictly to water. We no longer take hot showers or baths as of a year ago and basically shower with a luke warm temperature. We’ve bought ovulation trackers and I track it every month along with my basal body temperature every day before getting out of bed as suggested by my OB. We don’t use lube, condoms, and I haven’t been on birth control for over a year. I’m so upset because I want a BFP and I feel like my time won’t come anytime soon. I currently have a 3yr old who will be turned 4 in August.

We’re prepared for a baby. Both of us have steady income. We have a 3bdrm apartment and a nursery already set up. When I was pregnant last, I had bought items each check and we’ve currently just kept up on it. So now we have a full nursery and just want to add to our family.

Does anyone have any suggestions on what else I can try? Last OB appointment was on June 4th and I’m heartbroken because I don’t know what else to do.