How often does your baby poop? 💩


Hey everyone.

Note: I know breastfed babies can go up to 10 days without pooping due to the breastmilk not producing much waste and their bodies.

Background story: when my little one was two weeks old the doctor had told me that she had lost weight. This was not a shock to me because the way she was nursing had changed and she became very lazy it seemed. At the time I was able to recognize that she hadn't made a bowel movement in about a week. she was showing obvious signs of discomfort bringing her knees up to her chest and wincing and crying when she farted. I told my doctor that I thought she was back up and that was affecting the way that she was eating. He told me that she wasn't eating enough to produce a bowel movement and that I needed to put formula in with my breast milk. This is what started me exclusively pumping. he advised me to bring her to the emergency room if I noticed that she didn't drink 20 oz of milk in 24hrs. although a lot of my friends said that that seemed like a high number, we brought our baby into emerge to get checked out. Set up a recipe of adding a half a teaspoon of formula to 1 and 1/2 oz of milk so that her smaller feeds were more calorie-dense and that would help her. I was pushing the fact that she seemed very uncomfortable with her belly And they did X-rays and felt around and said that they couldn't see a blockage. This is a relief although I was confused with how the baby was acting. they agreed to give her a suppository anyways and I went home. By the time I got home we had the biggest blowout I had ever seen and we had to be there at 1 in the morning. I've never been so relieved to see the baby poop so much. For the following few days she did make a bowel movement regularly and then it tapered off. I started giving her probiotic drops at 3 weeks old because I noticed that she wasn't going to the bathroom. 2 days later she did make a bowel movement but here we are one week later and she hasn't made a bowel movement since. I do go see the doctor on Monday but I'm just curious if any of your babies have done this. I am tempted to put a little bit of formula in her bottles because she's back to eating less than she was a couple of days ago but I also don't want to have to give her formula. I'll do whatever is best for her and as long as she's getting the proper nutrition that's what matters I know that. But what are your opinions?