Contractions 🤷🏻‍♀️


TMI but me and fiancé had sex over an hour ago and ever since I’ve had contractions. When would you start timing them? Ftm and although they have been close together, they just don’t seem ‘intense’ enough to be labour. I’m only 37 +1, had bad hormonal back ache all night that was around the top of my legs aswell, and I’ve currently got a load of pressure downstairs making me feel like I need the toilet 🙄 the hospital is an hour away so don’t want to make an unnecessary trip/ phone call especially as i was planning to have him at home (my midwife doesn’t come till Monday to do risk assessment so can’t till then)

Suppose I’m just wondering if this is gonna be a regular occurance for the next few weeks/ I should actually entertain the possibility of going into labour early 😂