What is going on inside my vagina....

Okay so I have every single type of discharge imaginable inside me.

What makes me concerned is yesterday I wiped and saw this little two dark (gray maybe brown) clumpy discharge. I thought maybe it was lint (that’s how small) but then I’ve showered today and have a beige underwear so it’s not lint...

Can this be BV??

I’m 6 weeks pregnant with my third pregnancy and I’ve never had this

(The dark specs)

Then I went ahead and checked inside (with clean hands) and I’ve got everything in there. Mucusy, creamy, clumpy, egg white lol i guess that’s hormones but I’ve had all of these so they don’t really concern me just the one up top ^^

There is no excess discharge. I’m a rather dry person like my underwear is always clean. I found those when I wiped and had to check inside with a finger to see the rest. No smell at all, no burning, no itching.

Is there any over the counter test I can buy to see if it’s BV? Or infection?

Also, I use progesterone suppositories can it be from that? (They’re white though)