What would you do?


Need advice on what you ladies would do. So I went to ER the other day because I was in severe pain. I have a kidney stone while 26 weeks pregnant. Well the urologist is out of the country until the 13th of this month so the doctor gave me a medicine to help break down stone and hydrocodone for the pain. They told me several times is safe to take while pregnant because I kept asking. Well the Hydrocodone has me sleeping nonstop. I was awake for maybe 3 or 4 hours yesterday in total. I only ate twice yesterday, a pop tart and some pizza rolls. I have no appetite and being pregnant I know that's not good. I can barely walk to bathroom alone because I am so dizzy and drowsy. I have been itchy all over my body since taking the medicine. My fiance called the ER and asked them if I should go back in or just stop taking the medicine. they said because I didnt see urologist they cant give me advice. What would you do? Would you go on in, stop taking medicine or continue taking it? I only have 1 more day of taking it. I feel like I should go in but the hospital is 45 minutes away and I don't want to get there to just be told they cant see me.