Post vaginal birth healing

Okay so I delivered my daughter vaginally July 13, 2018. We are coming up on one year PP and I’ve never felt like I’ve healed properly. They did tell me I tore but I don’t remember the details as I was holding my new baby when they were talking to me. A couple weeks later I went to the ER because I thought I had an infection (it was Sunday so I couldn’t get in with OB). My sister is a nurse and she checked things out for me first and said where my stitches were was oozing. It smelt foul and there could be green on my pads as well as lots of thick gel consistency blood. The doctor was an ass, didn’t give me the time of day, he did an examine (which hurt like hell) with a female janitor in the room because he didn’t want to wait for my nurse to come back), and he just said it was normal for he he’s kind process. I had sat in that room with my newborn for hours and just left upset and feeling like I hadn’t gotten any help. At my six week about I was still bleeding but my doctors said everything was fine and clear my for sex. I still didn’t have sex for a couple more months and when I I did it hurt. It STILL hurts to have sex. I have spotting still (haven’t had a period yet, I’m breastfeeding) but I have a Cooper IUD so not sure if that’s why. There’s a gap in my labia minor at the top (towards my clit) and towards the bottom of my labia minora (towards my butthole) there’s a bump that’s gum-ball sized. It’s not a hard lump but fleshy kind of. I obviously can’t see what’s going on inside my vagina but it feels like I’m being stabbed in an open wound during sex (and I’m not dry). This is my first baby I’ve had. Is this going to get better on its own? Do I need to see my doctor again? Help!! I want my vagina and sex life back!