Should I let my daughter meet her real father?

I was pregnant with my first daughter when I was in high school. At that point, I was enroll in 11th grade. I inform her dad that I was pregnant when he stated he can't be the father because he can't provide enough sprem. While we were having sex unprotected he continually cumming in me. I won't lie, I did had sex with other people but not unprotected nor around the time of conceiving. When I inform him about the pregnancy he block me.

After my daughter was maybe 2 month old, I spot him with the same lady he told me was his sister carrying a baby boy to the store me and my had recently left.

I tried showing him the baby but he seems to not notice me 2 parking lot over.

Before my daughter was born, I meet a guy that was in an after-school program with me. We soon become first friend after that. In a year after graduating we get married and left states.

Even though married I'm still worry if I try hard to let my daughter meet her dad. I looked at her last night sleeping with her other 2 sister and notice she don't look like them.

I had created another fb a while back to keep track of her father. I even texted him once. To my surprise he didn't block that fb so now I'm wondering if I should contact him about his daughter?

His son look everything like my daughter. Sadly I can't post to show the photo. Today I scroll on his fb and find his mom fb page. I just want him to meet his daughter. Am I wrong to feel that way? Yes, I will provide a DNA test to proof he is her.

My daughter is turning 6 year in September so I'm wondering if now is a good time to tell him or his mother?

*I know people would say my husband is dad but I would like to know if you were in my shoe, would you let your daughter meet her real dad??*

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