Name Too Similar?

Brandybella 🌷 • happily taken by my lovely KJ 💍 mommy to Marshall 💙 06|15 Baby K 💖 due January 2020

So me and hubby are expecting #2 and we have narrowed down our top names for both boy and girl.

Our boy name is Greyson, and we absolutely love it.

Our girl name is Kaela (Kayla) and while we both really love it, I’m concerned that my family may have a problem with it, because it might be too similar to my nieces name which is Makayleigh. (She also goes by Kayleigh).

My hubby says he doesn’t want to change it since it’s been his favourite name for a girl since he was young and if we were to have a girl that would be the name he’d want for her.

Do you think it’s too similar or it shouldn’t matter. Maybe I’m just over thinking things. 🤷🏼‍♀️