I don’t think I have a concussion

I didn’t even hit my head that hard. I was picking up toys yesterday and stood up and popped my head on the corner of a dresser. Ever since then I’ve had pain shooting down my neck and eyes and get a pulsing feeling and get dizzy. My mom rubbed my head really good and got the blood flowing and put essential oils on my neck and my head is so much better. She’s worried that I should go to the ER. Okay, I hit my head. But the spot where I hit it still hurts and the areas around that hurts and it’s shooting pain but I still don’t think it’s super concerning. Before my brain I have bone, muscle and tissue in my head. I probably caused a bruised knot which pissed off the muscles in my head and down my neck. The pain is probably caused by tension from those irked muscles. I don’t see why that pain wouldn’t be able to go to my eyes. When I hit my head I never saw spots or blacked out. I never got dizzy until a day later and that’s off and on. I never got nausea. I rubbed my head for a few after saying ow and that was it. I am also very very prone to migraines and get them often.

I think the pain is from hitting my head but I don’t think it’s a concussion. I would be in so much trouble by now if I gave myself a concussion YESTERDAY and didn’t seek medical care. Do you think I should worry? If the pain doesn’t go away I’ll see a doctor but I don’t think the ER is even remotely necessary. She is convinced that I have one