Stomach Pain, Fiancé Won’t Listen


I’ve been having some period type stomach pain for the last couple of hours. Sometimes it’s kind of sharp. It’s not something that comes and goes, just a constant pain. Occasionally, I’ll get a sharp jabbing feeling that hurts like hell. My back is killing me as well. Baby hasn’t been moving very much, was super active earlier.

I was trying to tell my fiancé about it and his responses were “you’re having contractions because you’re dehydrated, drink water” “take a Tylenol if you stomach hurts”

Typically, he’s pretty understanding but he frustrated me so much I went into a panic attack trying to tell him I don’t know what’s going on. Which, ended with him yelling at me to just go to the f*cking hospital and he’s upset I won’t listen to him. Also, apparently because I’m a woman I will just magically know when I’m in labor according to him.

He never yells at me, he’s usually pretty helpful with my anxiety.

I just feel so alone and confused right now. He’s the only support I have. I don’t know what to do. Should I call the nurse? Or just try and calm down and see what happens?