Do you let strangers touch your baby?

Today my husband and I went grocery shopping at Walmart. I’ve never had this problem before but today was a little too much for me. Now before I begin I just wanna say that I have no problem if someone wants to stop and say hi to my son. I also don’t have a problem with moms bringing their babies and saying hi since my son is very playful and likes meeting new people. So this is where the story begins. One of the employees stopped where we were and completely ignored us and went straight to talking to our son which like I said is fine with us. He however continued to reach out to try to grab my sons hand which I did not appreciate I wasn’t able to say much since he started walking away after that. We continued walking and my son started making noises but in a very loud manner like almost yelling and a lady stopped and she was standing there talking to my son for a whole minute and I couldn’t fricking move this lady had me blocked in she was almost touching elbows with me I was so freaked out I called my husband over and he got us out of there. I guess I just panicked and didn’t know how to react. Then before we left another person did the same and I was just so frustrated. Just because you see another baby it doesn’t give you the right to touch. I don’t really walk up to someone and start talking to their baby as I know it can be kind of uncomfortable for some people but I would definitely ask if I wanted to touch their baby.