Cheesy potatoe broccoli soup. Family favorite. ❤️ [Update with Recipe]



Velveeta (or the generic)

Bacon bits

Frozen broccoli

Onion powder

Garlic powder


Red potatoes

Quarter potatoes and boil to doneness.

Heat broccoli according to package instructions.

Cube half to 3/4 cube of velveeta. Add to pot. Add milk, almost enough to cover cheese. Turn on medium high heat and melt down, stirring continuously. Once melted turn down to medium heat. Make sure you keep stirring so it doesn’t burn. Add garlic powder, onion powder, and pepper to taste. Keep adding milk until you have the consistency you like. (Mine usually ends up soupier.) once it is the consistency you want, add the bacon and broccoli, then the potatoes once cooked. Continue storing. Like it cook together for 15-30 minutes continuing to stir, so no burning occurs.