Ten months trying...

JoAnna • 👦🏼7.17.13 👰🏻2.17.17 #2👶🏼 Due 2/17/20!


I’ve been in tears all day, trying to figure out how to tell my husband.

I told him tonight, he started tearing up, I started crying... it was amazing.

Our older son has no idea yet, we’re going to wait to tell him until after he gets back from his grandparents.

We aren’t announcing on social media right now or telling friends and family until after the first trimester...

We’re due on 2/17/20– Our 3rd Wedding anniversary!

We married 2/17/17 & both my husband and son share 7/17 as their birthdays!

We just get lucky with 17!! ❤️❤️

I am seeing my mother tomorrow and it is KILLING me not to tell her tomorrow, but I know better than to say something before we’re out of the woods. I just had to say something— I’m damn near exploding with joy!

Also, here’s my favorite comments made by my husband regarding his part in making this child:

What I put in the box on top of the test itself (what he’s referring to 🤣):

Thank you so much for letting me explode with joy about this. I have lived and died by this app since we started trying... I was giving up hope and after 10 months I was ready to throw in the towel and quit “trying”. Whaddaya know... when you give up, that’s when it happens 🙄.

Fun factoid: Apparently my birthday is 38 weeks from my wedding anniversary. Birthday sex FTW! 🤣🤣🤣