😡😠🤬My bf is instagram obsessed 🤬😡😠


Ok I've been dating my boyfriend for two years and I've noticed over this time how obsessed he is with instagram. It's starting to drive me crazy!!!!!

Yesterday I was really upset due to life, my day at work, the news (did you hear about Lizzy Jessica Shelly? I hate humans), my general anxiety and depression, yadda yadda yadda, so when I got home I couldn't help myself from crying in bed (naturally). He came in, asked "did something happen or are you just upset?", I nodded, couldnt say anything cause I was crying, and he just started scrolling through instagram for like 40 minutes. Did not care to pry more, or try to comfort me. Just sat there watching funny videos. It kind of fucking destroyed me.

He's even doing it right now. Every night before bed for like an hour he'll browse instagram and it MAKES. ME. SO. MAD. Like be a human! Talk to me!! Fuck.

Has anyone confronted their significant other about their instagram obsession???? Advice???