Ear infection? UPDATE ATTACHED


My son is teething right now . He’s never acted super off or ever had ear pain with teething ever ! Well this last two days he has been screaming uncontrollably which is 100% not like him. Tugging his ear and screaming when I barely touch it . It has a huge build up ( I took him in last night and the doctor said it’s just swelling from teething ... ) he already has some extra fluid build up in his left ear and we haven’t got it figured yet. Wellll I wipe his ears with a wash cloth every night with his bath. Friday night was nothing . Saturday night nothing but Sunday night was like this ( bad pic ) now today Monday it is even more filled . The doctor said just wax ... I will be taking him in tomarrow morning to a walk in for a second opinion since last nights doctor didn’t seem to take anytime .

He’s never had an ear infection but I don’t think it’s just teething . Opinions ?? Or anyone who’s babes have had one can u tell me the signs ?😭. He’s in so much pain I’m at a loss . He has 6 teeth already and HAS NEVER acted this way. Oh and to add he’s also had a fever on and off and tylonel won’t even take it away completely which also has never been accompanied by teething before . He’s 11.5 months old .

This was yesterday. Today is a lot worse and all crusty !


He has a double ear infection and left was close to tubes ( he has issues already ) she said she’s so happy moms listens to their gut instead of doctors sometimes thanks for y’all prayers and help!