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Please help!

We thought we had a name and I’m one to love it till it gets closer then I change my mind. I shouldn’t even be allowed to think or look at names till I’m in labor or I’ll change my mind 100 times but I’m struggling..

A little back story, my oldest daughter is Adelyn Grace, Grace is my great grandmas name on my grandpas side, my sister has a daughter four years older and chose not to use it, moving along, we had another daughter and chose to not use a family name for her, my sister just had another baby girl and they had two names picked one being Esther, (my great grandma on my grandmas side) they decided to use the other name and didn’t use Esther at all. I’m 31 weeks tomorrow and brought up to her I wanted to use the name Esther as a middle name for our next girl and she ignored me, i don’t want to piss her off or make her mad but she had her chance right? I mean she had a girl well before me and this time too.. do I use it and let her be mad at me? Do I pick a different name completely to avoid her being annoyed? I’m a little torn.

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