It FINALLY happened!

Shania • Mommy to a Prince 👑 4/7/2017 Mommy to an Angel 👼 3/28/2019 Married to a King 👑 3/24/2016 Rainbow due 🌈 4/7/2020

This morning I woke up and told my self "if I get one more high result i am done this month" I had 11 highs this month. Well I did my morning test at 6 this morning and it was ANOTHER high results. Well around 10 I took me and my son shopping and came home to put him down for his nap. Well something told me "Take another ovulation test Shania" so I said well its been 7 hours and I have been drinking normal today so I said "what the heck" and took one more test...well I am sure glad I did because 7 hours later from this morning i hit my PEAK!!!! I swear God is on my side and telling me to get my rainbow baby!!! 🌈