Her name was karlie

Just sit back and read

The day started off normal just like any other day. The sun was shining and the birds were all flying in the sky. I was with my boyfriend walking towards a building (I forgot the name). Anyway we go inside then come back out. We head home and go to sleep. His phone goes off several times and I’m getting annoyed because I’m trying to sleep. I see messages from messenger from some girl named karlie. I honestly looked through her profile and she was pretty hot. I started getting all emotional as I was reading through the messages. I didn’t confront him right then and there. I decided to see how it would play out.

The next day he said he was going to go hang out with a “friend” so I said okay 👌. I waited then proceeded to go follow him a few cars back. I saw him pull up to the park where she was with a kid. He gets out to go hug her. I just wondered why he would do this to me . Was I not good enough? I sat there for hours watching them. Then they started to say goodbye. He kissed her twice and that’s when I went to go confront him. I wanted to catch his ass in the act. I told him he was a lying piece of shit and that I never wanted anything to do with him. He followed me trying to say how sorry he was and sobbing how it was a mistake. Just hearing the shitty excuses.

The next day I see some girl that looked like her from a distance. I ran up to her and literally started to drag her ass then he runs behind me to pull me off the random girl. She looked horrified and I apologized to her. Then I actually saw karlie walking our way and punched her in her nose. And kicked him in the balls. I left that apartment happy and justified.

And then I woke up