Crazy mother in law

HELP. Narcissistic mother in law. So my mother in law is a covert narcissist. She loves to play victim. She tries to insert herself in my marriage and tries to make decisions for my husband. We lived with her for 3 years which was hell (his family financially depends on my husband they contribute nothing to the bills, my husband pays everything). She tried to make my husband divorce me on multiple occasions and was outright nasty and mean to me. I never did anything to personally offend her but people who know her and myself think she did all that because she jealous to see her son love another woman (she’s his first child and only child married). She would complain when my 23 month old and I went to stay with my parents for a few weeks. She forced my husband to take my child for 5 days and make her stay with them saying that I was “keeping my child away from her and her kids (my husbands siblings”. That whole time my child was there she slept next to her. She pretends that she gave birth to my daughter or something. My husband got a job out of state and I’m 34 weeks pregnant. I am staying with my parents. I told him I can’t stay with his mom. Now she calls me ALL the TIME. Like leave me alone. She calls me every 2 days. All of this in pretense to “check on me” when I reality she just wants to be able to tell my husband that she calls me all the time but I don’t pick up in order to start a fight. I’ve been avoiding her calls but idk what to do at this point. I just want her to stay away from me. Idk what to do. She’s stressing me out. Even if I’m not physically in her presence she finds a way to contact me and if I don’t pick up her calls she calls my parents and my husband saying I’m not picking up her calls.