We’re finally ready



So a little background... me and my husband are both 26 years old, we’ve been together since 2010 and married since 2016... I just graduated school for LVN and have one more exam to take to get my license 👏🏽🙌🏽 pray for me please ❤️

we do not own a home yet but that’s the goal obviously ( we get so psyched out that we always worry and end up backing out lol) if anyone has any home owners advice or tips that would be so helpful!

So the BIG CHANGE now that I’m done with that we were talking and started talking about kids and how we should get started this year 😬 by July to August... so we both agreed on when I get my license number for nursing that we are going to go ahead and start trying 😲 It’s just crazy to talk about because it’s entirely our choice.... I explained to him how it’s different for everyone and some take longer than others to conceive or even miscarriage.. and that it’s not anyone’s fault in the event that it happens.We have only used the pull out method all these years we’ve been together... so of course we always wonder can we even have one 🤔 never had any accidents or anything so pull out game is strong... lol I guess the only way to know is to start trying... (I had went to ask the doctor to see if I was normal for pregnancy but she said if I’m not actively trying then we won’t know until that starts) so I left it alone... so here’s to trying 🥳

I have seen you guys and you all are so supportive and give the honest opinions 🙃

So I guess what I’m trying to say is wish us luck on our journey and next step in life let’s see what happens! I’ll post an update once I take the exam 🤪