He won’t stop worrying about me so much.

You’d think it’s cute but honestly I hate it. I keep begging my boyfriend to put himself first at least sometimes but he doesn’t. It makes me feel like shit because he’s putting himself on the backburner always worrying about me instead of including himself. Like today at the store. He really wanted to try a new candy but I couldn’t find my favorite candy so he put his back and said he didn’t want his if I couldn’t find mine because he doesn’t want to eat it in front of me if I don’t have one. I told him I’d be fine and he should get it but he wouldn’t. Then there are times where he will insist that I get something just because he knows I like them. I will tell him that I don’t want it and he will get it anyways. Or he will always save leftovers for me even when I say he can have them. He thinks that I actually want them so he will give them back to me lol. It’s so annoying because I want him to treat himself as good as he treats me and I want to treat him as good as he treats me