🇬🇧 Paying for a private 3D scan at 28 weeks 🇬🇧

Tasha • Mummy to Angels - Rylee James 02.05.12 born without a cry 36wks 5 days 💙 Angel 27.12.12 Angel 22.11.18 Been trying for a rainbow on & off 7 years , Finally got my BFP 24/02/19

So I'm paying for a private scan for 28 weeks and am a little over excited! I'm only 20 weeks 2 days now. I was wondering if people had 3d scans i could see around that gestation.. if you didnt mind sharing? I just cant wait to see his little face! 🥰 ( 3d scans aren't standard in the uk ) Just curious on how much detail there would be

Thank you!!!