You all are rock stars!


Hi mamas!

After reading a rude, and judgmental post that was posted in this group today, I just wanted to tell you all that you are doing such a FANTASTIC job as mamas to your LOs. I think some of us need the reminder.

I have not done any sleep training, but I'm not opposed to parents that do! I am doing a form of baby led weaning, but if that doesn't work for you than you do you! I nurse, but I'm definitely not opposed to formula (I do oppose starving babies).

Here's my point: we are all doing the best we can! We research and fret. We come on here and trust mom's to support us and to offer judge free advice. Let's lift each other up and realize each parent's story and life situation is different.

Also, on more of a stern note, please don't tell mom's that they are not being affectionate enough (i.e cuddling, hugging etc.) because they are sleep training. Also do not presume that they do not value their precious time with their LOs.

Remember: YOU ARE A FUCKING ROCK STAR MOM! Man your kids are lucky! 😉😊