Sometimes I wonder why the hell I want another kid

Courtney • SO TX. Wifey. Mama. My cat is my BFF 👯

In the 11 years I’ve been a parent, I’ve seen some shit. And I’ve said some crazy shit. But today I think I said the weirdest sentence yet.

I noticed some weird marks on the inside of my car door in the back seat. For weeks, couldn’t figure it out. Today I thought to myself, those look like bite marks. My 9 year old confessed right away - he had bitten the door. Like ????? Whyyyy

Fast forward to just now. 4 year old is crying saying she broke my phone screen. Sure enough, it’s cracked. When I asked her how it happened, she said she bit it.

SO I LITERALLY HAD TO ANNOUNCE “You guys cannot bite cars or phones!!!”

Days like these I honestly question TTC 😂 kids are amazing. I really hope all of you have beautiful babies and have to say crazy shit one day too.