My baby girl is now nearly 9 months and we are trying for baby no 2 wish me luck


Yesterday we finally decided to start try for baby no 2 this month I’m 35 this year and not planning on returning to work as this has been the best break of my life and my dream from So long and loving it and because of my age I’d like to complete my family now before I reach 40 and look after them myself and when they grow up and in school I could then return to work then. I’m super excited for this I love my dear daughter Rose 🌹she’s my amazing 😉 rainbow 🌈 baby 👶 😉 and such a good baby too also so hopefully baby no 2 can be as good but we will have to see lol 😂 and also like the idea of them growing up closely together so please wish me all the baby dust as after this baby it will be my last when it finally happens feeling hopeful x