Pregnant/ovulation symptoms for a month even DURING 2 periods


Ya'll tell me what ya'll think this shit is.

Ain't been feeling normal since April. From May's period to Junes period a week ago.

I started spotting 2 days after both AFs. First time for 2 days. Second AF had pink/brown spotting for 4 days, skipped one day, then came back another day.

Feel like I got a "sore" uterus, dull cramps, "heavy" pelvis especially when I stand/walk, tired as hell, random faint woozy moments, more emotional than I've felt since I was little lmao

Took a few tests that said nooopee

I feel OFF.

Talking helps me not stress so talk to me! Til i go to the doc.

I've been suggested hormonal issues, lack of ovulation, or to just go get a blood test