A have a good friend of mine marrying the wrong guy. I dont know what else to tell her.

Meg β€’ πŸ‘¨β€πŸ‘©β€πŸ‘§. Mom toπŸ‘§. πŸ‘Ό pregnant with my 🌈. baby girl #2 πŸ’—

Ok so this may be a long story. And I'm sorry if it is. But I have been working with a girl for 4 years. Over this time we have gotten pretty close. Our boss would take us on vacations together with out spouses. And dinner events and nights out as a company together. Whenever we go out together however, my spouse and I and everyone else it seems is always avoiding her SO. He used to have a drinking problem and a drug problem. He got clean for alittle while but started to drink again. His problem is he doesnt knowbwhen to stop. My husband and I went on a camping trip with them once and heard them very drunkenly fighting in their tent. He started to throw things at her a spit at her to my husband told me to intervene first and he eventually had to as well. We all tried to move past this on new vacations and such. He would get blacked out drunk in front of everyone call her a bitch and a cunt(excuse my language) and many more names and apologize and say he didnt remember. She always caves because she thinks she loves him. I have told her time and time again in a nice way that I think he is no good. She monitors him like a child all the time in front of everyone and is never herself when he is present. One day a couple of months ago she told me she was thinking of leaving him. That he doesnt treat her right and that she doesn't know if she can do this anymore. The next morning she called me engaged and excited. πŸ€¦β€β™€οΈ. I am happy is she is happy but as her friend who I've asked numerous times do u see a future with him she doesnt hear it.

Fast forward through all his bs to today. I ask her what's wrong and she didnt seem like herself. She said her fiance bought meth and was doing it over the weekend and hiding it from her. They dont live together anymore due to to financials and trying to save for a house. And she was a wreck. She looks unhealthy because he told her she was fat so she lost 30 lbs from starving herself. She said he is going to rehab and she'll work through it if he goes but I honestly dont buy it.

I dont know what else to do to help her? I dont want her to marry him! I know it is her choice. I dont know how else to be here for her since she is putting herself in this situation.

Any advice?