Melissa • Baby #1 (BOY) Due 03/27

Let’s talk about naps 💤😁 My baby will sleep perfectly well in my arms, in his stroller or car seat, or backpack carrier. The moment I attempt to put him down or move him to the crib . . . he’s awake! Or let’s say he’s awake within 15 min, not long. I think he’s supposed to get around 15-18 hours of sleep a day. Right now he sleeps about 12 hours @ night with 2-3 breaks to eat and maybeee sleeps 1-2 hours a day (little cat naps). So 13-14 hours. It’s not too far off so I’m not terribly concerned but still he isn’t hitting the 15. What are your thoughts or tips on how I can help improve his naps. Do you guys follow any type of schedule?