At the end of my rope

For real. My first was such an easy baby, rarely cried, was almost always content and pleasant to be around. This one though, if she isn’t sleeping or has her bottle in her mouth, she’s crying. I’ve tried everything I can think of, nothing works, I don’t know what I can do, my baby seems so miserable all the time. I can’t put her down, she won’t sleep unless I hold her, I know newborns are tough, but this is so much worse than I thought it could ever be, she seems so unhappy. I’m doing my best, I really am. I’m just so tired, my head is always pounding now, my body hurts, my boobs ache despite how often I pump for her... I’m scared to move when she falls asleep, there is literally no content awake time, ever. We’ve seen the doctor, treated for gas, he doesn’t suspect reflux, we’ve tried formula, I’ve cut many things from my diet trying to see if it was my milk causing it, there’s no clear answer anywhere. Her doctor thinks she’s just an overly needy, fussy baby. Here I am again, camped out on the couch like I have been every night for the last week with her sleeping on my chest content after 3 failed attempts at putting her in her own bed tonight. She’ll be up soon for food, and then about an hour of screaming and then she’ll be back to sleep so long as I hold her. I’m so frustrated and tired.