What’s going on 😓


I went off the pill around 3 weeks ago, we had unprotected sex forgetting I wasn’t on the pill anymore during my fertile week. Pretty sure I ovulated 1 week ago bc of stretchy clear cm I’ve never had before. Since then I’ve had heartburn, haven’t been able to eat as much, a little nauseous, mild cramping, exhaustion, and today I while in the bathroom (TMI) a large clump of ewcm fell onto the toilet paper. It wasn’t as clear as when I ovulated, more cloudy or a tint of white to it, but have never seen so much in my life. I read that could be cm after implantation or early preg cm because of how stretchy and gummy/thick it is. After I actually ovulated a week ago, I was dry for a few days after then just had watery cm then all this ewcm again but much more than last time. Not sure what to think. I’m going on 8dpo so might test in a few days.