Unhappy husband..

Short backstory- We used to live in my husbands hometown before we had our baby (she’s almost 1 now).. after having her, we quickly realized that his family (just mom and dad were there) were not very supportive.. they didn’t help out with our baby at all and never helped me in the beginning as I battled the baby blues and had no family nearby. We both decided to start looking for jobs near my family and he happened to get a job right away. We moved in December.

I feel like my husband is struggling to transition.. he is working the same job he had (police officer) and still enjoys doing that, but he is not “clicking” with the guys on his department.. he’s extremely friendly but not very outgoing and doesn’t have a lot of hobbies. I try to encourage him to find a hobby and hang out with the guys but he just doesn’t show much interest but then he gets his feelings hurt when they hang out without him. He also gets along great with my family but again he’s just not that outgoing and doesn’t make an effort to really connect with my bother in laws (I only have 3 sisters, no brothers)... any advice to help my husband? I feel like I’m losing my happy carefree husband and starting to see a side of them that is just not happy (which is opposite from the happy go lucky guy I always knew)

Sorry for the long post