MIL drama


Okay so I just need a place to vent.

I’m 6 months along and I snapped back at my mother in law last night. It was mean the way I spoke to her and I apologized for that today after I cooled off.

HOWEVER, my feelings have not changed. She crossed a line by arguing back after DH and I made the decision not to circumcise IF it’s a boy. I told her this.

She thinks that it’s disrespectful to even question her advice or not take it. Yes, she’s a nurse but we researched this!

She’s even said she would have never questioned her mother or MIL and always took their advice because they know best. To her it’s a respect thing and I just don’t play those rules.

I really don’t want to spend the next 20 years being super sensitive to her ideas on what’s best for my kid. And I don’t want to put my husband in the middle because she already lost her other son. It may be the hormones (husband would say it’s my nature) but I can’t help but see the scenario where this breaks up our marriage. I don’t even know what to do...

Maybe drag everyone in to family counseling.

Update: we made the move to this city before I got pregnant but at the time of the move my husband was on a 6th month contract in a another state. My MIL was nice enough to let us live with her until he got home and we could buy a house. 4-5 weeks from now that will happen. However, I decided that since I can’t really take the tension, I’d go home to FL for a few weeks and see my mom(teacher summer vacay!) to hide out and collect myself.

I cried when I told him this morning and I left really unsure if I was making things better or worse by leaving. I got 45 min out of town and a truck on the highway lost its tired and the metal part of the wheel came flying at me. I’m fine and baby is fine but now I’m stuck here. My friends say it was god keeping me here, but if that’s the case, did god really have to wreck my car?