Hospital Tour!

Katie • Lives in Florida, FTM, Rainbow 🌈 baby Zalmy born July 20th!

Just got home from our tour. Nothing too exciting and not really any new information I didn’t already know. Kinda a waste but at least free.

Somethings I did find interesting:

General hospital rule is they don’t do scheduled inductions before 39 weeks unless something is medically necessary from baby or mama.

I knew all the rooms were private but 10/12 have jetted tubs.

The hospital is pro doula. Which is good as I hired one xD they gave out resources to find one.

They changed their rule that now after having a caesarean instead of the 4 days you now also get discharged after 2 days, just like a vaginal birth. I did not find this okay.

Anyone learn anything interesting from their tours?