Pad Rash??? HELP.


So I only ever wear pads, and the last few months or so I’ve only used cheap unscented pads because I couldn’t really afford the ones I like. BUT, this period around, I was finally able to afford them and about a day or so of wearing them, I went to the rest room after a long day of work, and went to wipe, and it started BURNING. Like my inner butt cheeks near my a-hole, and I thought it might’ve been from rubbing vigorously trying to get the dried blood off my lip sides. The pads I wear are the Always brand, lightly scented. Now when I look down there, it’s visibly red and there appear to be bumps of some sort. Is it a rash? How do I make it go away? Was it because of my pad? Earlier in the day I also used a Summer’s <a href="">Eve</a> fresh wipe to remove dried blood. Heck? Send help? Like it’s raw to the touch.