18 weeks and 5 days with twins

Bethany • Happily Married💍👫. First baby is in heaven👼. Momma to 2 boys 🧒🧒. Pregnant🤰with baby girl 👶.

I have gotten so big already. I can't wait to get our 20 week anatomy scan of the twins. I just went in 4 days ago to hear their heartbeats and I am amazed. Baby a had a heartrate of 154 beats per minute and Baby b had a heartrate of 145 beats per minute. My doctor said everything is progressing well and that as long as I keep up with what he said to do we might make it to term. He said that it's not guaranteed that I will considering that I am carrying multiples. I know that I want a natural vaginal birth but nothing is set in stone. All that truly matters is that both babies and I are healthy. This week my stomach is high up. I can feel both babies kick. My hands and feet are swollen to the point that I can't wear my rings. My boobs are really saggy and sore. At first they were plump but now they have deflated like a water balloon. If anyone has any suggestions, I will gladly take them. I have also experienced really bad backaches. I even have been sleeping in our guest room because my bed isn't comfortable enough for me. I have so many pillows including my pregnancy pillow my hubby surprised me with on mother's day. Below is a picture of the belly. I also got my hair cut this past weekend and I love it.