Positive for Group B Strep


Hello mamas,

I tested positive for Group B. I'm 37 weeks now and this would be my second successful pregnancy. I tested negative with my first. My concern really isn't testing positive since there's the antibiotics I could be given. My concern is not making it to the hospital. I was only in labor with my toddler for less than 4 hours, so I'm convinced that this one will just slip right out, literally. I've mentally prepared for it in case, but now having tested positive for Group B, I'm not feeling so great anymore.

I haven't exactly had the best of luck with pregnancies. I lost the first 4. I successfully gave birth with the 5th pregnancy, but he ended up in the NICU with 2 surgeries at birth. Now this is happening, so needless to say, I am paranoid. I did look up the chances of passing the bacteria to the baby and I know it's not a 100% thing, but I feel that if something is to go wrong, it will happen to my baby... as it has happened to all of them.

What do I do? Do I just ensure that I'm close to my hospital at all times? I work half hour away and plan on working until I go into labor ☹☹☹