Advice, please.

Alexandra • MommaOf5

I left my ex for severe heroin : methadone drug use. We signed a custody agreement in September, 2018. That states “I contact him for visitation around his work schedule” and that I am the only person who does Transportaion, and that he has to be clean atleast 24 hours prior. There is NO set dates and times. It’s literally I call him and ask him if he wants to see them. However, he is constantly talking extremely brutal to me. Name calling, suicidal threats, my older daughters father just passed a month ago from suicide and I’m almost 6 months pregnant. I’m under a massive amount of stress and plan to talk to a lawyer and get a consultation but, if anyone has advice for me I’d appreciate it. Also he quit his job and lives with his mom now, claims he’s “been clean” for a week and with how hardcore his drug use was I don’t see how that’s possible or why I need to leave them unattended with him. :( I’m scared for my kids. He hasn’t seen his kids since July 2018 cept once or twice when I met up and we tried being civil. ALSO -

His first born daughters bio mom left and signed over rights to me and I adopted her two years ago, she’s almost 7 and I adopted her at 5 and I had her since she was 5 months old. I have full everything of her as well.

Things are messy please only kind words.